Our Incubation strand sets out to help new initiatives develop, and find out what will help artistis and organisations working with homeless people to flourish

This work includes:

With One Voice Country Reviews in the USA/Canada, Scotland and Japan

Cllr Beth Knowles travelled to the USA and Canada to create a country review of arts and homelessness (to be published shortly). Country reviews are also taking place in Japan and Scotland this year. The reviews establish challenges and opportunities and how With One Voice can help the local sector to flourish. 

Cultural Spaces Strategy

One of the key themes emerging is that arts venues, museums, galleries and libraries are particularly important in this field – providing an open-door welcome to homeless people, free use of facilities and creating a bridge for homeless people back into the community. Some of these institutions have firm specific programmes for homeless people and staff to support them, others do the best they can – very few, if any, collaborate with each other to share best practice. Where we think With One Voice can add value is in reaching out to institutions across the world to find out what is being done for homeless people; whether there are any good practice or lessons than can be shared more widely. This may lead, in the future, to a set of guidelines or code of practice for institutions working with homeless people. 


An open call to organisations/artists to support their work through exchanges (more details to come)