Accueil Bonneau

Every day we open our doors to hundreds of homeless people or those at risk of being homeless. Every time, it is people like you—the volunteers, community workers, Sisters, employees, and generous benefactors—who open their hearts and extend their hands to give a little comfort to and to form a bond with those who visit us so that they can take the first step towards reintegrating themselves into society. Thanks to you, we are the Accueil Bonneau since 1877.

Accueil Bonneau - Arts and Music

What cannot be said in words, can sometimes be conveyed through music and art. The Accueil Bonneau studio is a meeting place for artists who would like to give free rein to their creativity. Leadership is provided for jam sessions, painting workshops, etc. Artistic creation in all its forms is often the only way to establish contact with the most marginalized street people and those who are not inclined to use social services.