Art Management Centre Fukuoka

Four years have passed since this NPO corporation has involvement with the former homeless people. First of all, I try to remember as much as possible the sight of when I thought that such a business could start in Fukuoka. 
Our usual workplace is the hall and the theater where theatrical performances and dance are performed. It was a usual home time to relax for me who went off to see you off and returned from the center of Fukuoka to the countryside home. 

Winter 2009. Many older men from the same age had gathered a lot in front of the station with me who had several cardboards in front of the former building of Hakata station which was shiny now. As soon as 23 00 has passed, everyone rushes towards a comfortable place for the night. Same as me, heading to a place to sleep tonight. 
Although I can only play, I thought that I could share something with them, I became a project of searching and listening. And I think that this will continue to change rapidly. Along with changes in society. 
If theater, dance, music and art exists to move everyone's mind, surely this effort will live a little easier for us who are now in the country of Japan and have become difficult to live I hope it will be helpful.