Bethany Christian Trust

Our services focus on preventing homelessness as well as alleviating the suffering of people who are homeless. We provide tailored visiting support and community development. We also support individuals and families to help them address long-standing issues including: social isolation, unemployment, and drug addiction.

Emergency and Resettlement projects work with people on the streets and in temporary accommodation. Projects in this group also support people working towards an alcohol and drug free life in the community.

Visiting Support covers a number of projects across the country working with people who have housing needs but who also need support with associated issues. These range from health and social networks to budgeting and finding work or volunteering opportunities.

Community Development builds local partnerships to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to some of the most challenging situations in Scotland’s communities. Local people come together to find solutions and build stronger communities through these projects.

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton is an award-winning project that has been given recognition for its positive outcomes.

Participating churches help people who are struggling with maintaining their accommodation to develop meaningful relationships within the local community which help build support networks around the person and prevent them becoming homeless.

The local church, being a natural community, is perfectly placed to come alongside people struggling in the community around them. By offering a befriending program through Passing the Baton, the local church can engage with vulnerable people in their community that they may not have an opportunity to meet otherwise.

Connect to Community

Individuals, referred to us by Prison Chaplains or Prison Fellowship, are looking for mentoring support and have expressed a desire to see their lives changed, recognising the Christian community can support them as they seek recovery from addictions, restoration of relationships and resettlement in community.

Connect to Community does not provide housing or employment. We provide mentoring friendships. Studies continually show that steady relationships are one of the key factors in helping people turn away from crime. We co-ordinate a link between the individual and their local church community providing training and support for small voluntary mentoring teams within local churches.