BIZITEGI is a non-profit organisation that began its community work in the Otxarkoaga district of Bilbao in 1980. Ours is an organisation formed by members, professionals, users and volunteers who all work towards the social integration of people at risk or in situations of social exclusion in Bizkaia (the region of Biscay). Aid is provided by means of processes of intervention, aimed at improving their living conditions, and via awareness campaigns and social criticism that help raise awareness about the need to create a more just society. 

We aim to be an entity which stands out as being:

  • Solid and participative, with highly committed team members. This is clear from the entity’s participative leadership style.
  • Efficient and sustainable and which achieves objective and measurable results by making responsible use of available resources. Its management model is modern and it is financed using diverse and innovative tools. This is done with the aim of ensuring that our mission is accomplished and that impact is long term.
  • Eager and innovative and which feeds off the motivated and eager allegiance of all participants to generate creative new ways of working.
  • A reference in society which is given due recognition and which has the ability to influence. It actively participates in providing socially advantageous services in stable alliance with the Administrative bodies and entities which share our aims and values.
  • All-encompassing for volunteers and capable of creating appropriate platforms from which to launch the personal and social commitment of those who participate in the fight against exclusion.
Homeless Film Festival

Hosted a Homeless Film Festival including film shows and workshops.