Casa da Música’s Educational Service

Musical development workshops targeting specific groups or open to the general public; training sessions designed for music professionals; on-going artistic and community projects; multidisciplinary performances and original concerts; these are some of the aspects of an interventional programme, promoting investment in new perspectives of musical development and enjoyment, using new technologies as well as adapting traditional ones. Citizens from different age groups, from babies to seniors, and from distinct social backgrounds, are invited to participate in a wide range of musical activities. The Educational Service allies its investment in innovative methods to live music with a greater good: to promote social inclusion, extending its activities to all sectors of society, with no exceptions, and reaching out to disadvantaged communities who, for whatever reason, have reduced access to stimulating artistic experiences. To this end, projects such as “Ao alcance de todos” (Within Everyone’s Reach) and “A casa Vai a Casa” (The Casa Comes to You) stand amongst a number of such initiatives.

Som Da Rua

Som Da Rua organise performance based social inclusion projects for people made vulnerable by homelessness. They have been integrating homeless people into society since 2009 through music.

It is an open door group devising projects in a sensitive and emotional repertoire. The Street is sound, opportunity and desire, but above all an artistic movement with merit with new songs composed by well-known composers and lyricists.