EMMAÜS Solidarité

The work of EMMAÜS Solidarité is centered on the most vulnerable people and families, the most socially excluded and most wounded by life: those who live on the street. It is from these people and these families, what they know, what they live, what they want, that actions, activities and methodology of the players in the association are constructed.

EMMAÜS Solidarité welcomes, hosts and supports to insert 3000 people and families in great social difficulties daily, through 85 services or activities in Paris, Paris region and in the Loir-et-Cher. The welcome is unconditional.

Espace Culturel Louvel-Tessier

The Center Louvel-Tessier is an emergency housing and stabilization center managed by Emmaüs Solidarité. Its differences lies in the importance accorded to culture, artistic practices and citizenship, placed at the heart of its social action. Established in a listed Gustave Eiffel building, the center has an important cultural space devoted to this innovative project; large spaces dedicated to the exhibition of photographs, paintings and sculptures, workshops and an auditorium 50 places.