Emmaus Brazil

Emmaus is an international movement that is made up of 350 member organisations. These organisations run income-generating activities at a local level with people who have experienced social exclusion amoung their community.

Emmaus Igualdade no Brasil
Cachoeira Paulista

‘Emmaus Igualdade no Brasil’ is home to about twenty formerly homeless men who have experienced a range of problems (such as drug and alcohol addiction).The community works alongside the Brazilian healthcare system to ensure that these man have access to the medical and psychological support they need.

The community raises funds by collecting used goods, restoring them and selling them in one of its two shops. Companions also collect recyclable materials which are then sold on to recycling companies. 

Movimento Reviver Emmaus Aruja
Sao Paulo

Today, this community collects wooden pallets from local businesses. Each day, the companions set off in our two vans to collect pallet, which are taken back to the community to be refurbished and then sold back to the same businesses. Some of the pallets are also used to build furniture to be sold. The money raised is then put back into the community as well as paying for support for local alcoholics.