Exeko is a Montreal based agency for social innovation, founded in 2006. Exeko use creativity – art and philosophy – to promote social inclusion for the people experiencing or at risk of exclusion. Their approach recognizes that everyone has the potential to reflect, analyze, act, create, and to become an integral part of society, irrespective of their social status or life course. Their approach is based on intellectual and cultural mediation. The agency offer egalitarian spaces for collective reflection; participants may take part in critical workshops (social analysis, philosophy), creative workshops (in digital, audio and visual arts), as well as cultural outings. Their mediation programs are the main instruments for social transformation, enabling a positive influence on society, individually or collectively: intellectual emancipation, prevention of social exclusion (homelessness, crime, suicide, drug addiction), civic and cultural participation, mutual recognition, reinforcement of identity, school retention, etc.

Arts - Execo

Various creative arts based projects with homeless people and other vulnerable artists run by Execo.