FNARS is an national umbrella organization that gathers among 850 non-profit organizations in France working with homeless people, asylum seekers, ex-offenders, etc. They provide social support in a holistic approach and with the objective of access to fundamental rights of the users to health, home, employment, justice, participation in society and citizenship, also including access to cultural rights.

FNARS intends, over the period 2016/2018, the following objectives:

  • Broaden the political thinking of access to cultural rights of people in precarious situations by forming partnerships or alliances with other networks in the fields of culture and popular education.
  • Accompany the development of cultural activities by its members in the institutions for people in precarious situations.
  • Promote ownership by social workers of the cultural dimension , both in their professional practices and in their training.
  • Integrate culture in participatory approaches for people in precarious situations, as a vehicle of expression and social connection.

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FNARS - Culture, sport and leisure

For member associations to FNARS, access to cultural and artistic practice can be considered a tool for the social worker, and more broadly the accompanying teams. Culture can indeed allow the social worker to reposition its link with the accompanied person to work on their self-confidence, image and self-esteem.