Four Square

In helping thousands of homeless and other vulnerable people for more than 40 years, Four Square’s work is based on a commitment to the aims and principles we see as fundamental to our purpose of…

Preventing Homelessness Promoting Inclusion

Everyone has the opportunity to have a home and a place in their community.

To overcome the barriers they face through homelessness or other disadvantages by providing 

support services and enterprise activities which create opportunities for stable lives and 
social and economic inclusion.

Four Square has been a major provider of services for homeless and other 

vulnerable people in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland for 40 years.

We now offer a broader range of services and help more people than ever before. 

Our social enterprise EFI Superstores are the largest second-hand furniture stores in Edinburgh.

Our innovation continues with the new services Training Flats for young people moving on from Stopover and Number 20 and Springboard and Connected, our learning and employability service offering supported volunteer and work placements.

Homelessness is still a major issue for many people in Scotland and we will continue to respond with high quality services that are accessible and flexible in meeting this need.

Enterprise and Sustainibility

EFI SUPERSTORE sells quality used and second hand furniture and appliances donated by the residents of Edinburgh. The money we raise helps homeless and disadvantaged people throughout the city and Lothians. Project aims:

  • Helping the environment
  • Helping people in need
  • Saving money on disposal cost
  • Offering good quality second hand items for less
  • diverting from landfill