GIGA Theatre Troupes

In 1995, she was promoted to director Yuki Yamada , director . "GIGA = Giant (Greek)" with the goal of "Each person becomes a giant", and will perform three to four original works a year. 

Mandated from 2000 Kozawa Masanori (actor, screenwriter, director) has been replaced. From that time on, we will strengthen the color of "space reclamation project" and develop unique activities set in various spaces such as public baths, houses, galleries, streets and bars. 

External activities are also active, 2003, presided over by the actor Masanori Kikuzawa's movie "815" and won a special prize at the competition division "Dragon & Tiger" at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Invited performance to the Geumaul-Madang Festival in Zhangjiang, South Korea, for the second consecutive year in "Toga director contest" at Toga village in Toyama Prefecture. 

In 2005, the director, Erika Yamada won the Excellent Director Award. It is a theater company that will continue to develop avant - garde activities in the core while planning performances that will continue the world over again. One of the features is that there are many theater company members who have crossed the so-called theater categories such as musicians, manga artists, and dancers. Kyushu's hot blood is a troupe which loves freedom and abandonment.