Green Templeton College Oxford

On June 1, Green Templeton College welcomed the return of an art exhibition featuring art from 12 members of the GTC community and 3 members of the homeless community.

Exhibition organizers Marija Pantelic (reading a DPhil in Social Interventions) and Farzana Dudhwala (Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Health) opened the exhibition last year. This year Audrey Tan (reading an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention) proposed that the exhibition be expanded to include the work of homeless community members. Marija and Farzana: Two years ago, we started arranging ‘drawing dates’ as a means of escaping the daily pressures of our Doctorates. Sketching and painting was perfect because it offered a therapeutic space for creation, reflection and 'me time' to be mindful and focus on being in the flow.

We applied to the Green Templeton College (GTC) Annual Disbursement Fund to see if we could organise an exhibition to showcase the art created by others in the GTC community and were very fortunate to be given the space and the funds to make this Art Exhibition a reality for two years running. This year we were very lucky to have Audrey’s help in expanding the remit of the exhibition to the wider community. Audrey liaised with the homeless community and we were very pleased to be able to showcase the artwork of three artists: Ashley Kewley, Vikki Birch, and another artist who wishes to go unnamed. Ashley told me that this was the first time he'd seen his art actually hanging up on a wall and hopes to have another opportunity to exhibit his art in the future.

The art will be on display until 29 June '17 in the Stables Bar and Gallery. 

Artists from homeless communities

Audrey Tan: I have always had an appreciation for art and when I arrived in Oxford in October I was amazed by the diversity and quality of the art produced by some of the city's artists from the homeless community. It made me sad to see so many people walk past these artists as they tried to sell their art on the streets and I wanted to give them a nicer venue through which their art could be appreciated and sold. I soon learned that there are many forces and challenges that these artists face on a daily basis that can make it really difficult for them to try and participate in these types of activities, but in the end it all came together and the artists told me they were really appreciative of having the opportunity to have their art on display in College.