KOTOBUKI Creative Action

KOTOBUKI Creative Action is an attempt to activate artists and creators engaged in cultural art in various forms in the Yokohama-Tusashi area, which is one of Japan's three major doyas (easy accommodation) streets. Advancing aging of residents, bringing original viewpoints to the town where Doya's empty room became conspicuous, and developing various art activities in collaboration with local residents, it is possible to create new possibilities of the town I aim for it. It is not implemented as one exhibition or event all at once, each one of the projects being held at any time throughout the year, and its accumulation is <KOTOBUKI creative action>.

Living Alternative Network, an arbitrary organization, leads the company, creates places for activities, various events and networking activities.

Artistic Programmes and Residencies

Kotobuki Creative Action (KCA) organises artistic programmes including artist residencies. This is, rather remarkably, partly organised by a city council official who is in charge of arts – he is a board member for KCA, doing it in his own time.