Vancouver Community Library

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, headquartered in Vancouver in Southwest Washington state, was established in 1950 as the first inter-county rural library district in the state, and provides information resources, services, and community and cultural events.

Our Mission

To strengthen our communities through knowledge, experiences, and creativity.

Our Vision

Everyone recognizes and values libraries as an essential element of a free society.

Our Values

  • Community Success: We are an engaged and valued partner.
  • District-wide Collaboration: We thrive when we all support our common goals.
  • Exceptional Service: We deliver positive and successful experiences.
  • Innovation: We believe in imagination and possibilities.
  • Intellectual Freedom: We ensure confidential and open access to all points of view.
Homeless not Hopeless

The art show was the idea of Mandi Vee, who used to be homeless and spent much of her time creating art in the Library and has several pieces on display: stone jewelry, a crocheted baby blanket, drawings and an alabaster sculpture. Some of her works speak more directly to homelessness, such as a beaded bracelet that says ‘being homeless should not be a crime’ and a poster with questions for people to consider before judging someone who appears to be homeless.


“I definitely wanted people to know what it’s like when you’re out on the streets,” Vee, 46, said.


She said much of the artwork was made by people involved in the outreach organization Outsiders Inn, such as herself.