We are an Educational and Charitable Trust based in Ahmedabad, the largest city in the Western State of Gujarat in India. We work within 28 slums across Ahmedabad.

"VIDYA" means knowledge. It is also a common Indian name for a girl.

VIDYA is committed to changing minds and behavioural patterns that impede the development of communities by using theatre as a vehicle and peer-group role models as navigators of transformation in the difficult but essential journey towards progressive thinking and living. 

VIDYA Theatre

VIDYA reaches out to people through theatre. People are more likely to sit up and listen when serious concerns are conveyed through stories that have elements of fun and entertainment. When their own voices are echoed in the words of characters they can identify with, or they are able to recognize situations as extensions of their own realities.

VIDYA has adopted and liberally adapted techniques from the methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) conceived by the Brazilian writer, director, performer, teacher and scholar Augusto Boal.