Research papers

We are commissioning two Reports in readiness for our International Summit in November 2018. Both have emerged in response to needs in the sector.

International Arts and Homelessness Literature Review

This will be the world’s first critical analysis of the literature on arts and homelessness. It will summarise the main findings of literature from a wide range of sources comparing them and evaluating this body of knowledge. Sources could be as broad as government papers, reports by homelessness organisations, reports by arts organisations, student theses, academic articles or books, campaigning materials. We hope this review will be a valuable resource to help the sector make the case more strongly about the impact of their work. 

International Review of Cultural Spaces’ Responses to Homelessness 

One of the key themes emerging from the sector is that arts venues, museums, galleries and libraries are particularly important in this field – providing an open-door welcome to homeless people, free use of facilities and creating a bridge for homeless people into the community. Some of these institutions have firm specific programmes for homeless people and staff to support them e.g. training Front of House staff to work specifically with homeless people; others do the best they can. Very few, if any, collaborate with each other to share best practice. Where we think With One Voice can add value is in reaching out to institutions across the world to find out what practices, programmes and committments exist; whether there are any good practice or lessons than can be shared more widely. This will lead to a 'Toolkit' and training package for institutions who want to broaden access and opportunities for homeless people - to be launched in 2019. 

If you have any material that you think might be of interest, for either reveiw, we would love to hear from you. Please email

Reports to download (see below)

Inspired by the National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice and Open Cinema, we are also publishing links to a number of reports demonstrating the benefits of arts and homelessness interventions around the world.